Root Canal Therapy

Rockwall Dentists, Drs. Jamie and Eliud Villarreal, Provide Root Canal Therapy for Patients

Hearing that you need a root canal can be intimidating, but the procedure itself is not as scary as rumors allow. At Lakeshore Dental, we provide root canal therapy for patients with decaying teeth so that they may preserve a natural smile that is healthy and long lasting. In their Rockwall dental office, Drs. Jaime and Eliud Villarreal are able to save teeth for the benefit of your overall health.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal rids a tooth of a severe infection that, if left untreated, could spread to other areas of the mouth or the rest of the body. A root canal works by removing the pulp – or the nerve endings and blood vessels – from the inside of the tooth that have become inflamed due to decay. Once the pulp is removed from the tooth, a filling material is used in its place that helps restore the tooth to its original strength.

After the roots of the tooth have been filled, the tooth will either be filled with a composite filling or capped with an artificial crown. After the restoration, the tooth can function just like any other natural tooth.

How Does a Root Canal Save a Tooth?

There are a variety of reasons for root canal therapy – mainly stemming from poor oral hygiene or dental trauma. No matter what the cause, a root canal removes infection from the decaying tooth. By sealing the tooth with a filling material, the tooth can become functional once again.

Root Canal Treatment in Lakeshore Dental

During your initial consultation, we perform a thorough dental exam and assess your medical history. Typically, candidates for a root canal have experienced a history of dental pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Dr. Eliud Villarreal test a patient’s sensitivity by placing a cold compress on their tooth. If the sensitivity lingers, the nerve of the tooth is dying. If the patient experiences no sensation, the nerve of the tooth has already ceased. To corroborate their test, Dr. Eliud Villarreal will take radiographic x-rays and determine the extent of the infection.

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Although there are many options for an infected tooth (including tooth extraction), preserving the natural tooth is always the best option. A root canal in Rockwall can save teeth and help you regain a healthy and natural smile.

For more information about root canal therapy or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eliud Villarreal, contact Lakeshore Dental today!

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